Hiring Photographers

•July 13, 2011 • Leave a Comment

I’ve worked as a professional Realtor in Texas for about 20 years and have seen a great deal of change in this business. One of the biggest changes I’ve seen has been how we as Realtor’s need to use photography. Years ago, a quick B&W was all that was needed for the MLS books. Those things were horrible and I’m sure a nightmare for “the board”. Once desktop publishing hit, we all started taking our own photos, unless it was a million plus listing. Then we would hire a professional photographer to shoot photos for our multiple page brochures we would produce to market with. That should have been a hint to us back then how important quality photos are. Then the digital photography age hit us and now everyone has a camera and shoot pretty good photos. However, Joe Public has been over run with great photography and what once worked for grabbing the attention of potential buyers, no longer does. We Realtor’s have a nano-second to grab JP’s attention and mediocre photography no longer works. I’ve done it all, shot my own, hired the cheap photographers from the popular websites and hired seasoned pro’s. The work from the seasoned award winning pro is without question worth every cent! Not only does the work of a pro do what photography is supposed to do, increase traffic at the listing, but it also speaks as to what kind of Realtor I am. The number one complaint from both potential buyers and sellers is the poor photography being used by Realtor’s. I budget a minimum of $1000 for photography on all my listings and have spent up to $10,000 on photography. You want quality, you will have to pay for it. At those prices, I expect the best and it pays off. The biggest pay off has been the number of quality listings I have picked up because the client was impressed with photography used on my listings. I have had many Realtor’s laugh at me for spending so much money, but I’ve never had a client laugh. In fact my clients not only refer me often, they return over and over again.

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God Bless,

Leslie Vandivier

Realtor, ABS